The aerodynamic layout is set up for optimum handling performance. For example, it is possible to descelerate the SKYRAY by getting into normal box postion so that the horizontal speed can be reduced close to zero. This way the parachute can be opened under normal conditions. After putting the extremities against the body the diver gradually moves into a dive and accellerates.

The best distance-performance is reached with a glide ratio of approximately two to three and a velocity of approx. 220 Km/h. At top-speed (approx 400 Km/h), it should be possible to fly pull-out manoeuvers or curves of 4 G from absolute headown-position .

Due to the requirements for strength and low weight it is necessary to use fibre composites (carbon fibre and aramid fibre) for construction. In regards to the construction of the harness and detachment system, we depend upon reliable techniques delivered by Fallschirmdepot Ostermuenchner company.

Saturday, June 15, 2002